Introducing the Best Weed Deals in Santa Cruz

A fact of life we all have to deal with is that the cost of living keeps going up and up. Footlong Subway subs are no longer $5, you need at least $1 million to buy a house, college costs a small fortune, and the rent is too damn high!

Luckily here at Reefside, we have your back. We’re proud to now offer the cheapest cannabis in Santa Cruz. And this is quality flower from one of the leading cultivators in the Bay Area, Smoakland.

$99 Premium Shake Ounces

If you want a lot of weight for a small price, $99 for an ounce of Smoakland premium shake is hard to beat. And we can proudly say, this is the cheapest cannabis in all of Santa Cruz. For only $99, you get enough for about 28 blunts, 56 joints, or over 120 bowl packs. We call this premium shake, because it comes from the top quality buds that Smoakland grows. It’s is perfect for rolling large amounts up with friends, or for infusing into your own homemade edibles.


$60 Premium Flower 1/2 Ounces

For the best cannabis deal in Santa Cruz, look no further than $60 for a half ounce of high quality nugs. If you’re on a budget but still want to smoke the best, this deal is for you. For less than the cost of a dinner for 2, you get 14 grams of frosty flowers. This deal is perfect if you’re looking to stretch your money without skimping on quality.





About Smoakland

The Smoakland team is composed of respectful, compassionate cannabis professionals who truly care about their product and the customers who use it. They have a combined 40 years of cannabis cultivation experience, and consistently produce some of the best cannabis for your money in America. Reefside is proud to partner with Smoakland to bring Santa Cruz incredibly low cost, high quality cannabis.